Inspired by stories like The Dark Tower, Mortal Engines, Johah Hex, and Firefly...

Death of a Bounty Hunter

A Supernatural Steampunk Western from Amazon top selling authors Jay Sherer and Nathan Scheck

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About the Book

A desperate sheriff careening towards madness joins forces with an occult clan of Duskfinders to hunt down a powerful relic. Flint, a Korean bounty hunter tricked into working alongside them, must make a choice: run or take a stand.

An ogre of a man with a Gatling gun surgically implanted in his arm.
A speedster Eireman named Fancy Dude.
The enigmatic and powerful specter, Mockingbird.
A brash, headstrong Pinkerton agent named Geraldine Abernathy.
Even the Teewan sorceress, The Arrow That Sees, who’s covered in tattoos.

They’ll all face off at the home of a woman who’s desperately trying to hold it together.

Will guilt, shame, and ruthless ambition drive them to redemption and forgiveness... or just all-out war?

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“An entertaining romp through a quasi steampunk/fantasy/magic western. Engaging storyline, fun characters, and a definite opening for sequels! Well done!”

- Hootarian Library

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“Loved this story! It’s an action-packed Western with touches of steampunk and the supernatural. Would make a great miniseries on Netflix. I definitely hope there are more books in this series!”

- jediash1

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